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Ioanna lin

artist & tutor

Ioanan art studio was found by ioanna lin.
Ioanna Lin was born in the South of China. She lives and works in Greece . She studied Drawing and Art History ,She holds a Master of Arts degree from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts . Initially, her works focused on Chinese painting techniques, while she is involved with modern Chinese Calligraphy and contemporary painting with various traditional techniques like paper ink, watercolor, and modern techniques using a variety of materials.
over the years, she has taught in many places, include school ,museum and studio.With more than a decade of teaching experience, She has formed her own unique teaching characteristics to benefit every student.


sumie & calligraphy

ioanna art studio holds Brush Painting and Calligraphy Courses.
Weekly Classes and online workshop.
and also collaborate with other school for seminar.


original painting

There are original paintings painted by ioanna lin for sale. different size available for worldwide .

 Fine Art

All Original paintings and calligraphy handmade, each is a unique form of 

poetry, mentality and philosophy.

 Art Therapy

In practicing Chinese brush painting, 

help you relax, get rid of anxiety, and 

enter meditation.

Free Shipping

All paintings are perfectly and safely 

packed. free shipping for all orders of € 50+ 

Secure Payments

Secure and simple online payments, 

keeps your payment information secure. ioanna art studio never receive your

 credit card information.